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hey friends....and strangers.....welcome to my page....well....my name is Ade...and i`m far from here !my fav color isgreen...i love green day:X...pity that there blue day:))...and...my favorite band is...PARAMORE....ooo...yess....and Free Disthrubed...my friends are:
.....now you know me:))))yeah:))not even:))

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RaluStoleYourHeart 22 June 2010  
hey`a bby`z!
KamzyFreeDisthrubed 14 May 2010  
i'm a stranger?i know who are you,Bonnyz,Sweety,Kitty:*:*:*i wait to see you again in America:*:*:*in this summer:*:*:*at your cousins:*:*:*kiss you and love ya my Friend!
StephiBCGLS16 13 May 2010  
leave me comments please
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